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Pop, Pop, Pop, ... Corn

    Known is that the Lunch Brothers haven't been able to keep a band together for almost two decades. They haven't even been in the studio together since before 2008's Hurricane Ike. Arty's studio was flooded, along with Eddie complained of various physical ailment for several years.

    Now reunited, they tried to do a children's song about popcorn. Trying to tolerate each other, they instead drank heavily and ate mass quantities of popcorn. You can hear it in their limited vocals. Those once pure family harmonies are now no more than sand meets gravel.

    There was really no reason to upload this pooh-pooh video other than to get a few people to listen to this cacophony. Like all Lunch Brothers, since 1991, Raymond Guy LaFauci played all the instruments, recorded/mixed and produced this hastily arranged, jumble of various wavelengths. The actual Brothers Lunch remain completely aloof and are miserable company. ©2014 Pointless Productions.

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