Ordering Information

License Agreement

When you purchase a design from Home Plans Studio, a license agreement is required and attached to the construction plan stating that the copyright holder of the particular design, as Licensor, grant you, as Licensee, the right to use these construction plans to construct one and only one dwelling unit. The information required to complete a license agreement is a Lot Number, Subdivision Name, County, Town, State, Zip and/or physical mailing address. For a rural or county address, a description or 911 emergency address is sufficient. Call your county for the specifics. Note: It is not required that a license agreement be issued at the time you place the construction plan order. You may not have chosen a location yet or may not have the necessary information to complete the license agreement. You have the rights to use the construction plans for any and all pre-construction procedures, quoting and pre-loan approval, etc. However, construction may not begin without the license agreement attached to your construction plans. The plans will be officially stamped making note of these requirements. If you have a license agreement and then change lots or location, return the agreement to Home Plans Studio and a corrected license will be sent to you. Do not change any information on a license agreement: It is a legal document and changes could cause a delay in the construction process.

Second Use Of A Construction Plan

If you as licensee would like to use the construction plans from your original purchase to build a second home, we will re-license the plans for additional use for a reduced fee. Call Customer Care for details. Restrictions: The construction plans cannot be resold or re-licensed to anyone but the licensee of the original construction plan order.

Need To Build A Flipped Plan…


set is a full set of construction plans showing the house in reverse. All lettering and dimensions WILL NOT be reversed and will be readable. This option is not available on all plans. Please refer to the plan page for availability.


set is a full set of construction plans showing the house in reverse. All lettering and dimensions WILL be reversed as well and will be unreadable. These plans are useful for visualizing the proper layout of the reversed house. We suggest you order at least one set of mirror image construction plans if you intend to build the house in reverse layout and the full reverse sets are not available.

Construction Plans

When you have made your choice and are ready to begin building a home, it’s time to order a construction plan package. The packages of 5, 9 or 13 sets will contain fullsize construction plans. All full-size sets will require a license agreement to be attached to each set before the actual construction begins. See License Agreement.

What Do Construction Plans Contain?

Each plan page in this magazine will specify the type foundation plan(s) that are available with a construction plan - concrete slab, crawl space and/or basement. Floor Plan(s): 2” x 4” or 2” x 6” Construction, Window Listing, Square Footage Breakdown, Location of Electrical, Location of Plumbing and All Necessary Dimensions/Elevations: Front, Rear and Sides of Building/Section(s) Through House/Details: Foundation, Cornice, Roof, Cross Section & Fireplace (if applicable) Optional: Specifications - The specifications are a Description of the Materials needed in the construction of the home. (Allowances, Grade) Material List - The materials list details the quantity of materials needed to construct the home. (Number of, Type, Size) Note: Materials list not available for all home plans.

Building Code Information

All construction plans have been drawn to conform to the Standard Building Code (CABO One & Two Family Dwelling Code) or the International Residential Code (IRC). Some local applications may vary. All construction plans meet the minimum property standards for F.H.A., FmHA and V.A. Certification stamps required by local authorities will need to be provided locally by an industry professional due to specific local code requirements. Heat and air calculations need to be supplied by a local HVAC contractor to meet local conditions and requirements. Some states or cities may require an engineer’s stamp. You will be responsible for working directly with and providing construction plans to the engineer for his services and fees.


Orders are processed and shipped within two to three working days. Shipping time for most Ground packages is an additional three to six working days. We also offer Next-Day-Air and 2nd-Day-Air services for faster delivery. NOTE: A street address is required for UPS delivery.


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