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Air Rider EXT/1.0a

posted Mar 29, 2014, 2:44 AM by Mirko Schneider   [ updated May 18, 2014, 8:30 AM ]
The Hacking tool for Kirby air ride (E) [!].iso
Kirby Air Ride (U)-NTSC.gcm

I'm work on Air rider 1.0M it's a buggy/glitchy program. This can edit Text & Texture now. Support is *.iso no *.gcm. Writen in C++. I use a IDE. I use a Debugger in DolphinDolphin_Master.zipMy presentation is on: 08/01/2014 (MM/DD/YY). Important: Program can crash the ROM. Important: For the editing you need, an decompressor (Unpack ISO file). Because it's easier for me. I'm work with Decimal-Numbers... (More informations coming soon... Here you're up to date)

How to use Air Rider:

 1) Dump your Gamecube game on your Pc or Wii
 2) Unpack your GCM file (Example with: GCMTool)
 3) Start Air Rider
 4) Open your directory (root)
 5) Wait... Air Rider EXT close and Air Rider start (1.0a)

Tip: You can play GC games without GCM or ISO. You can play it with DOlphin unpacked.
You must start the *.dol file.

Download: Before i am not yet finish, i don't add a link




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