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Updated on November 18, 2015

 This is a homepage of Motohide Taguchi, a Japanese composer


 Motohide Taguchi studied composition under Prof. Michiharu Matsunaga, Prof. Msataka Matsuo and Prof. Kazuko Hayakawa. In 1999, he was selected as a sucsessful competitor of the 16th Japan Society for Contemporary Music (JSCM) Award for Composers. In 2002, he was selected as a participant of the International Young Composers' Meeting in Apeldoorn, the Netherlands.

 Besides composition activities, he received an API fellowship (The Nippon Foundation) in 2002 and an Asia  Fellowship (The Asian Scholarship Foundation) in 2010 to conduct  researches on contemporary music in the Philippines and Indonesia (2002-2003) and Thailand  (2010).


Main Works

(Date, place and the name of the Concert of First Performance)

“For Jasmine Flowers” for piano                         April 1, 2015, Houston, Texas, USA

Doctoral Solo Recital of Christopher McKiggan: Resonance of Hope at Rice University

Sound Installation “Sound Narrative: an imaginary soundscape of Manila” 

                                              February 5 – March 1, 2015, Quezon City, The Philippines                

Listening terminals. Project Bakawan Art Festival at the Campus of the University of the Philippines


“Midare Sugagaki” for shakahachi solo                       October 29, 2014, Tokyo, Japan

JSCM, Autumn Exhibition of Contemporary Music 2014 II: “Independent” I

“Miyagi; The Woman” for shamisen and voice               November 11, 2013, Tokyo, Japan

JSCM, Autumn Exhibition of Contemporary Music 2013 II: “Independent”Ⅱ


A Daydream in Three Minutes” for keyboard harmonica trio    February 3, 2013, Ashiya, Japan

JSCM, Exhibition of Contemporary Music 2013 I, Makoto Nomura Keyboard Harmonica Trio


Sound Installation “Between Shifted Memories”  

                               November 16, 2011 - January 29, 2012, Makati, The Philippines        

Nothing to Declare Exhibition at Yuchengko Museum 


“The Garden with Ritualistic Sounds” for two trombones          March 6, 2009, Tokyo, Japan

JSCM, Exhibition of Contemporary Music 2009 Ⅳ, Contemporary Virtuoso!


“Dance” for Japanese instruments and Chin-Dong Orchestra   March 16, 2008, Kawasaki, Japan

JSCM, Exhibition of Contemporary Music 2008 Ⅴ, Fusion Festa


“Like a Rhinoceros’ Horn” for recorder solo                      May 19, 2007, Tokyo, Japan

Composers’ Group “Sou”, The 22nd Exhibition


“Music in Three Movements” for gamelan instruments      July 7, 2005, Yogyakarta, Indonesia

10th Yogyakarta Gamelan Festival 2005, ConcertⅢ 


“Ame Wo Matsu Kokoro ” for ten performers     October 3 , 2002, Quezon City, The Philippines

An Evening of Asian Contemporary Music


“Playground” for 15 players                    February 15, 2002, Apeldoorn, The Netherlands

Slot Concert, 8th International Young Composers’ Meeting


“Sound Sculpture 1” electro-acoustic music                     August 13, 2001, Paris, France

Final Concert of Music Creation Summer Atelier 2001


“Appearance/Disappearance” for shakuhachi and two kotos     February 16, 2001, Tokyo, Japan

Con Temporary Ko to…Hougaku EhibitionⅤ


“Multi Strata” for six musicians                                May 12, 2000, Tokyo, Japan

Composers’ Group “Sou”, The 15th Exhibition - Ⅰ (Tokyo)


“Dissolution” for trombone and piano                       November 8,1999, Tokyo, Japan

JSCM, Autumn Exhibition of Contemporary Music 1999 , The 16th JSCM Award for Composers 

Recent Projects

Between shifted Memories

           This is a project to make works which relates to the issues of migration and diaspora in the case of 
           Filipinos living in foreign countries.
The first work "Between Shifted Memories" (2011) was a sound installation exhibited in the Yuchengco Museum in Makati, Metro Manila, the Philippines as part of the "Nothing to Declare " international art exhibition. This work is based on the interviews with Filipino women living in Japan about the reasons they come to Japan, problems they have faced in their life in Japan, their memories of hometown and relatives or friends, the sounds which make them remember their home town and so on.
 The work was exhibited together with fine art works by other artists and played continuously from the built-in speakers of the museum. Due to this situation, the audience would start and stop their listening at whichever point of the music unlike usual listening of musical piece from the beginning to the end. Therefore I made not a well-made overall structure but on the continuation of the parts of short episodes.

 Since I made this work, I have tried to have interviews with more Filipinos living in Japan and Filipinos living in their own country and having Filipino friends or          relatives in foreign countries. This is for making other works in this project. In this long term project, it is planned to make works not only in the form of sound installation  but also in the forms of electro-acoustic compositions, concert pieces using voices, small sized opera and so on.

       War related project 

         The ideas of the project came from the composition "For Jasmine Flowers". This is composed for 

       the project "Resonance of Hope" led by a Pianist based in USA., Mr. Christopher McKiggan. This 

       piece suggests the Japanese invasion to China in the World War II by using famous Chinese folk 

       song "Jasmine Flowers".

           This composition gave me an idea to continue to compose works related to the war in various 

      form of the compositions. Now for the next work of the project, it is planned to have workshop with 

      local music groups in the countries where Japan invaded in the war to compose musical ritual 


       Composition for Japanese (Asian) Instruments

       This is a long term project since my early career. In the works, I have tried to use traditional patterns, 
      styles and so on in different ways from the tradition. For  example, in “Midare Sugagaki” for 
      shakahachi solo and “Miyagi; The Woman” for shamisen and voice, traditional patterns are used 
      and combined in contemporary ways.


 Main Papers


“Traditional Music as a Medium of Collective Memories: Cases from Batanes and Biwako”    

In Living Landscapes and Connected Communities: Culture, Environment, and Changes across Asia, Areca Books, pp272-282, 2014.   


Book Review: Jose S. Buenconsejo. The River of Exchange: Music of Agusan Manobo and Visayan Relations in Caraga, Mindanao, Philippines (DVD)”                

In Southeast Asian Studies Vol. 49 No2, pp 330-332 (CSEAS, Kyoto University), 2011 


“Commentary technique in Luciano Berio”s work “Chemins II”  (written in Japanese)     

In Bulletin of the Department of Education, Ibaraki University (Humanities, Social Science, Arts Vol 59), pp41-57, 2010


“To Compose as an Asian – The Relationship Between Traditional Music and The Works of Contemporary Composers in The Philippines and Indonesia”                

In Economic Prospects, Cultural Encounters and Political Decisions: Scenes in a Moving Asia (East and Southeast). , Partner Institutions of API Program. pp297-309, 2005.


(Unpublished: Paper presented in the conferences)

“Reconfiguring Music through Re-Defining the Role of Players in Composition Works: Three Innovative Examples from Asia”

Presented in 33rd Asian Composers League International Festival and Conference (Quezon City, The Philippines), November, 2015.  (The conference proceedings is now in the process of publication.)

“Filipino Contemporary Music: Characteristic Ways of Filipino Composers to Utilize Traditional Music with Contemporary Musical Idioms”                                   

Presented in 8th International Conference on Philippine Studies (Quezon City, The Philippines),  July 2009

“The Reflection and the Development of the Traditional Music in the Contemporary Works in Indonesia – Some Examples in java and Their Background”                                                             

Presented in Conference on Traditional Vietnamese and Asian Music: Adapting Globalized World (Hanoi, Vietnam), January 2005 

Music Making workshop

Workshop at Philippine High School for the Arts (In the Class of Dr. Flaudette May Datuin) 

Makiling, Los Ba ños                                                         July 2013        

Workshop at Philippine Women’s University and Vargas Museum (Metro Manila)

(part of “Nothing to Declare” Exhibition)                                    November 2011                                                        

Workshop at Gallery Sukaboro (Kyoto, Japan)                                August 2009

(part of “ Haguhagu Shake” Exhibition