Johnny Tremain Project

We will finish reading the novel before Thanksgiving.  We will further discuss the novel upon return from the holiday break.  I wanted the students to know how the story ends so they may have a better idea of what they would like to do as a project. 

The project is due Monday, December 6

The students may work alone, in pairs, or in small groups depending on the project they pick.

We have been discussing the different types of projects that can be done. 

Here are some ideas.

Write an epilogue for the story.  Let us know what you think happens to the characters.
You may write an epilogue or act out a final scene.
Create a newspaper that may have appeared in this time period.
If you like to draw, sketch various scenes from the book.
Put together a diorama depicting at least two scenes from the book.
Create a 3-D map of colonial Boston
Create the route that Paul Revere took?  Did Paul Revere actually do it?
Create several political cartoons that may have appeared at this time

Act out scenes from the book.  (Not the violent ones)
Put together a panel and interview various characters in the novel.
Write and perform a song about the book.

Create a board game for the novel.
Put together a pictorial essay on the fashion for ladies and gentlemen.
Research etiquette for the time period.
Create a war scene for the battle of Lexington and Concord.

Compile and explain protests songs of this period or another period in history. 
How is Yankee Doodle a protest song?

Research an actual figure who appears in the novel.
Research political cartoons.
Research apprenticeships.
Research the blue laws.