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    My Research interests are in Algebraic Geometry.


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    Conference/Visit in 2012:

    23-27 Jan : Conference in honour of 80th Birthday of C.S. Seshadri, at CMI, Chennai.

    25 March-10 April: AIM institute, UCR, Caltech (conference and  invited research talks).

    22 June: Invited talk for Science Academy students (National Mathematics year) at IISc, Bangalore.

    16 July-28 July: Workshop on Complex Geometry at HKU. (Invited talk)

    12 Sept-28 Sept:  Indo-Spanish conference in honour of M.S Narasimhan at Madrid (Invited talk), Workshop"Topology of Algebraic varieties" at      CRM,Montreal.

    24 Dec-28 Dec:  Conference on "Syzygies and resolutions" at CMI, Chennai. (Invited talk).


    Current PhD Student: Seshadri Chintapalli (since 2009-, preprintpreprint2).

                                    S. Mandal (since 2013-)


    Jaya NN Iyer

    Institute of Mathematical Sciences,
    C.I.T. Campus, Taramani,
    Chennai 600113

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