Since Aug 2018 I am a PhD student at LTI, Carnegie Mellon University, after completing my Masters in Language Technologies (MLT) degree . My advisor is Prof. Eduard Hovy, and we are working on problems in the intersection of Information Extraction & Semantics. My main research interests focus on Events, and how to model relations between them, like Causality and Temporal Sequencing.  

Selected Past Projects:

  • Event Detection based on Frame-Semantic Parser. We define an Event Mention as a snippet of text referring to an action or change of state in the world. The Entities that give additional information about the event are called Event Arguments.

  • Anomaly Detection and Information Extraction from structured and unstructured data (free-text) in the medical domain. This project was under the supervision of Prof. Anatole Gershman.

  • IBID Project: Information Extraction from scientific papers in the Biology domain. This information was used in order to construct a model representation of the described biological processes. This project was under the supervision of Prof. Ashok Goel.