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Clients and Customers are encouraged to read the DISCLAIMER at the end of this page, before requesting a consultation or buying an OTC Homeopathic product

                Homeopathic & Natural Health Center is owned and operated by
  Swapna Auknoor Vemuri  
  who is a USA Certified Classical Homeopath, and is in the field of Homeopathy from 1989  

   Homeopathic & Natural Health Center is licensed   
  to stock and sell FDA regulated, Homeopathic OTC products  
  (Permanent Registration # B152576  & 2019 License # 342)  

                Waiting Area                                Reception                                      FDA regulated, US manufactured - OTC Homeopathic products  

                             Consultation Chamber of our US certified Homeopathic Consultant                             Swapna Auknoor Vemuri
                                                                                                                                                                         our US certified
                                                                                                                                                                     Homeopathic Consultant

                    FDA regulation on sale of Homeopathic products in USA

            "According to WHO, Homeopathic remedies are the second most widely used for primary care.  Our body has an innate  capability to heal itself.  Homeopathy is a Holistic approach that boosts this special ability and helps you heal yourself.  Homeopathic remedies aim to restore our body's vital energy balance and act by stimulating our own healing mechanism."