Club Rules

General Play:                                                                                     
  • The courts are available for play to members, who must wear the current year’s shoe tag, and to guests, of whom a guest fee is required.

  • Please respect court sign-up procedures.

  • Tennis attire including clay court shoes with herring-bone patterned soles must also be worn during play on the courts

  • Profane language and inappropriate behaviour is prohibited.  Members are expected to practice and promote tennis etiquette and treat each other with courtesy and respect at all times.

  • Doubles play takes priority when other members are waiting for court time. Under such circumstances, singles play is only permitted on court 1 after 9 pm.

  • A maximum of three balls per court is allowed during singles or doubles play.

  • Should your ball go over the fence into a backyard, please ask the homeowner to return the ball or request permission before entering their yard. Failure to extend this courtesy to our neighbours can present problems for the Club.

  • Professional coaching is not permitted except by Executive approved Club Pro’s.

Court Times and Maintenance

  • Courts may be booked by members from 8:00 am to 11 pm daily. Please note court times reserved for junior play, Inter-County teams, pro lessons, court maintenance, and special events.

  • Members should keep noise to a minimum in consideration of neighbours.

  • Please respect daily court maintenance times posted on the gate.

  • In consideration of fellow members, please brush the court and lines before the conclusion of your sign-up time.

  • In the event of rain, please be cautious in the decision to use the courts. Play in these circumstances may damage the courts. The use of a rain lock on the court gate will indicate a significant interruption in play.

Clubhouse and Grounds

  • Please ensure a safe and clean facility. Use courtside bins for ball containers and metal lids. Bikes must be stored in the racks provided.

  • The last members on the premises for the day should lock the court gate, turn off the court lights (if an automatic timer has not already done so) and lock the clubhouse.

 Guests, Risk Of Use

  • Members may introduce guests to the Club.

  • Guests may use the courts twice per season when accompanied by a current member.

  • Prior to playing, the member must deposit a $5.00 fee per guest in the mailbox in the clubhouse.

  • If your guest is a local resident, please provide them with a membership application.

  • The sponsoring member is responsible for the guest’s conduct while on club premises.

  • Mimico Tennis Club assumes no liability for loss or personal injury. Members and guest using the Club do so at their own risk.

Court Sign-Up Procedures

  • If you wish to play, sign up on the board for the currently available, or next available court time. If you begin play on a court without signing up, another member who signs up for the same court time is entitled to the court.

  • If you wish to continue to play after your allotted time period, please return to the sign-up board and enter your name in the next available time period.

  • Once a member has signed up for a court time, they may not leave the club grounds and immediate vicinity without forfeiting that court time. Telephone bookings are not allowed.

  • Please observe the above procedures in a spirit that allows all members to enjoy the use of our courts. 

Junior Sign-up Times

Juniors have priority sign up time on Saturday afternoon from 2 to 5 p.m.

Abuse of Club Rules may cause your membership to be rescinded and membership fee to be forfeited.