Club Executive

Club Executive 2017
 Mike receives 2015 Bruce Childs Award
 for Community Service              
 Congratulations and many thanks for your
 dedication to Mimico Tennis Club.

Michael Parsonage, President of Mimico Tennis Club 

Michael ParsonagePresident
Margot Wheeler, Vice President, Member at Large 

Gary Chin, Membership
Vince ButeraTreasurer
Gay Chisholm, Lee Ann Marano, Social Directors
Mike Wallace, Communications
OPEN , Programs Director

Other volunteer positions:
Court Project Manager: Derrick Smith
Court Maintenance: Steve Grudi
Friday Night House League Convenor: 
InterCounty B Team captains:  Dahlia Barber
InterCounty C Team captains: Michael Parsonage
InterCountty 55+ Team captain: Mike Wallace
Webmaster: Scott Colby, Mike Wallace

The Executive needs a few volunteers. Please consider helping out your club. Email any of the above at if you can contribute some time! Or just come down to the club.

Duties of Executive Officers

President shall exercise general supervision over the affairs of the Club. The incumbent shall summon and preside at all Executive and general meetings of the Club and shall attend Committee Meetings whenever possible and/or receive a report of the business discussed. 

Vice-President shall assist the President in carrying out the duties and responsibilities of the Presidential Office. The incumbent shall perform all the Presidential duties in the absence of the President. The Vice-President shall be primarily responsible for the condition of the courts.  

Secretary/Communication Director shall record the minutes of all meetings; notify the members of any impending meetings; handle Club correspondence; send out all Club notices and manage marketing activities. 

Membership Director shall receive membership applications; collect all membership fees and prepare a list of paid-up members in order that membership tags may be issued; maintain an up-to-date record of names, addresses, telephone numbers and e-mail addresses of the members and applicants. 

Treasurer shall keep proper books of accounts and shall have care and custody of all funds of the Club in such bank as the Executive may approve. The Treasurer shall exhibit at all reasonable times, the books and accounts to any member of the Executive on demand and shall submit a Financial Statement and a budget for the consideration of the membership at the Annual Meeting of the Club. 

Programs Director shall oversee the selection of teams to represent the Club in league matches. The Programs Director or an appointee will be responsible for arranging and supervising all Club tournaments and tennis programs and will attend meetings of such leagues and associations with which the Club is affiliated and furnish a report of such meetings to the Executive.  

Social Director shall be responsible for organizing social events and for ensuring that refreshments are available at any functions of the Club at which the Executive deems refreshments are appropriate.

Member-at-Large shall be responsible for the condition of the building and Club grounds and shall be available for any special duties that may occur. In particular, the officeholder may be responsible for publicity, for the welcoming of new members and be recipient of such complaints as membership may present.

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Mar 8, 2016, 4:21 AM