Programs for Juniors


Mimico Tennis Club is pleased to welcome back TPA certified tennis professional Brad Cole for his fourth season as our Junior Programs Director.  Brad has a decade of coaching experience ranging from coaching beginners to nationally ranked high performance players.  Regardless of the student, he emphasizes a system where fundamentals are taught in conjunction with fun games, because all players maximize improvement while learning new skills in a fun environment.  


Feel free to contact him at if you have any questions regarding the Spring, Summer or Fall programs.  Forms are available for download under “Programs for Juniors”.  All levels and ages 6-18 will be accommodated.

*Note that all participants must pay a $40 Junior Membership fee payable to Mimico Tennis Club to participate in the programs.  All cheques paying for camp weeks are to be made payable to Brad Cole at 122 York View Drive, M8Z 2G4.

**Also note that in the event of rain, spring and fall lessons will be made up at a later date.  Summer program is rain or shine due to work commitments of parents.

See you on the courts,

Brad Cole

ALSO: Brad also maintains a very busy schedule giving private lessons to adult members.   Through observation and adjustments to your personal bio-mechanics, grips, or footwork your game will improve over time.  Brad incorporates fun into his sessions which is integral to rapid improvement. Lesson nights, times and rates are posted on the “Programs for Adults” page. There will be a signup sheet in the clubhouse for individual members who would prefer to do group lessons, or members can come with pre-arranged groups.  Juniors are allowed to sign up for lessons during adult times, on a first come first serve basis.  Please note that lessons are usually booked weeks in advance.

 For inquiries about the program contact Brad at 


The Registration Form for the Spring, Summer and Fall camps is available for downloading below.

Spring session begins week of Friday, May 25 and runs for six weeks. 

Fall session begins Friday, September 7 and runs for 6 weeks. 

Rain dates are arranged if required

Summer sessions Jul 9, 23, Aug 6 & 20 are rain or shine, 1-4 pm from Monday to Friday.

IMPORTANT NOTE:  A junior membership is required to take part in all junior tennis programs.  Junior membership is $40 payable by cheque only to "Mimico Tennis Club." The registration form must accompany the membership fee in order for a member shoe tag to be issued.  Junior Program fees are to be paid  directly to Brad Cole.

Brad’s five rules

       1. All parents of students are required to get their players to court on time if at all possible.  Time is limited and every minute counts for learning.

       2. Coaches are to be addressed by their first name or as Coach Brad, Coach Hamza etc.

       3. All players and coaches are always treated with respect by everyone on the court.

       4. Any question will be answered.

       5. Games and skills development drills are done in conjunction as fun is maximized if students learn in a fun, friendly, yet playful environment.

Spring Program

The spring program this year will runs for 6 weeks, on Fridays from 4-7 p.m. and beginning on May 25th and ending June 29. If classes are rained out, a makeup date will be scheduled accordingly. Please register as early as possible as space is limited.  Consult form for age appropriate playing time.

Summer Program

The summer program runs for 4 weeks (Jul 9, 23, Aug 6 & 20), from 1-4 p.m. and students come for all 3 hours, rain or shine.  Due to supervision being necessary for many players if it rains, there will be no rain dates scheduled regardless of how much it rains during the week.  Coaches are all accomplished athletes and can work on the rules/strategy of tennis, as well as soccer in case of rain.

Fall Program

The fall program runs for 6 weeks, commencing Sept. 7 and ending on October 12, again from 4 to 7 p.m. with rainout dates being scheduled as needed.

Any questions can be addressed to Coach Brad Cole @

All the best and see you on the courts,

Brad (and Hamza)  


Saturdays from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m. has been set aside for junior and family friendly tennis. This two-hour time slot is not exclusively for juniors and families, but it is designated to encourage juniors and families to join and to enjoy the club. All members can play but expect balls to be flying everywhere and that all players may not have learned proper court etiquette, yet.  

Note: This does not include special event days, such as tournaments, socials and Stan's 24-Hour Marathon in support of the Heart and Stroke Foundation.

Mimico Tennis,
Mar 23, 2018, 6:05 PM