Online course

If you would like to become a certified practitioner and gain a Post Graduate Certificate in Homeobotanical Therapy, this course will provide all of the information required  for you to sit and pass the practitioner test paper at the end of the course.
You will need to provide your current qualifications to gain access to the course. So you need to have completed Anatomy and Physiology, done some clinical studies and have a working knowledge of either herbs or homeopathy. Email me if you are not sure that you qualify.
You will receive a pdf of the course along with the course manual to refer to.

There are several advantages of becoming a certified practitioner besides having a very nice Certificate .

After completing the test paper you will receive: -

A very smart Post Graduate CERTIFICATE in Homeobotanical Therapy.

The option to have your name and contact details on the official Homeobotanical website for UK & Europe as a certified post graduate practitioner of Homeobotanical Therapy  (this site) If you are based in the UK or Europe.

A copy of our confidential questionnaire.

A Homeobotanical brochure in Pdf form that you can give to your clients.

The Homeobotanicals labels template to put onto your bottles.
Access to our facebook page that has many talented and helpful practitioners on it for tricky cases.
Email access to Deborah Kerslake for questions and information. 

All courses run from 10-4 each day. We ask people to bring a lunch to share which is always fun as you never know what you're going to get (although Humus and avocado are always on the list). 

Become a qualified Homeobotanical practitioner with our post graduate course  (you need to already be a qualified complimentary therapist to attend this post graduate programme)