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I'm a little bit stressed today

In these fast paced modern times we seem to be on call 24 hours, and it can be difficult to switch off when we want to relax. For some, it's a completely alien concept. In this age of high paced technology it is more important than it has ever been to bring some relaxation, calmness and peace into our lives.

This book gives lots of simple, practical and sensible tips and tools to enable us to relax, become calm and peaceful Give it a go, do the exercises and create balance and calmness in your life.

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The practical book of Meditation

Meditation is the fastest, finest and best way to regain calm and relaxation in our lives that I have ever found. Not only is it lovely to do for itself but there are also many health benefits associated with doing as little as 10 minutes meditation practice per day. In fact a 20 minute meditation is the equivalent to 4 hours good quality sleep. Some studies say that meditation can help develop new neuro pathways in the brain, enhancing all mental functioning, keeping us young.

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   Don't Worry ~ Be Happy 

    Hypno Scripts

Slim while you sleep is a fantastic script for re-programming the old habitual thoughts in your body that tell you it's difficult to lose weight. It re-programmes the way you think about food and yourself. It's also a great de-stressing script and increases confidence levels.

Quit Smoking NOW is a hard hitting, powerful script to literally make you hate smoking. If you tried before and failed, this is the one for you.

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