Case Studies

In compliance with the various Statutes and Regulations, no specific claims are made for the application or use of Homeobotanical preparations. The blends are Dietary Supplements designed for use as part of a comprehensive care programme. These case studies are for anecdotal interest only. Each therapist is responsible for their own clients. 

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Practitioner Deborah Kerslake. West Sussex, Horsham. 

Female late 40s, dynamic and successful. Presented with severe flu like symptoms with copious mucous and a raging headache which she had been unable to shift for 3 months despite seeking medical help and over the counter medication. The most distressing symptom to her was she now had no energy left and was feeling exhausted and lethargic. I gave Hb Promyr as an anti viral and pre antibiotic to make sure the original virus was dealt with, Hb Dynama to give her some energy to fight back and Hb M (migraines) to help with the headaches. One week later she reported that she was feeling GREAT, lots of energy, headache much less, however she still had copious mucous and breathing restrictions. I prescribed Hb C (colds and flu) as a drainage remedy for catarrh, Hb R (respiratory) to help clear her airways and Hb X (eXpectorant) to again help expel the mucous. One week later I asked how she was and she said she was feeling GREAT. All symptoms gone. Feeling excellent and full of beans (her words). 


Practitioner: Aishah Hussain-Qureshi. London E17

Case no 1. My infant son. Boil near ear so he was put on blood/lymph but not much response as most of the boil had already cleared out. The problem was because of the boil a sabaceous cyst formed and noting was touching it. Got referred to hospital. I then put a few drops of promyr in coconut oil and voila, cyst shrunk in one night and is all healing up nicely now. The hospital wanted to put him on antibiotics and under general to cut it out.

Case no 2: Fertility case. Put on Emotional (Hb E and Female hormone balance Hb F alongside homeopathy. Pregnant within the month.


Practitioner: Patricia Raven. London TW15. 

I am having lovely results with a client who presented with side effects to Meningitis and the Lumbar puncture. Tinnitus, dizzy, vomiting and terrible head pain, really poor sleep due to vertigo on lying down, weight loss and anxiety. I put together a bottle with Hb Cerebra, Trauma, Neuralgia, Nutria and Emotional. I also added Bach flowers to support positivity and calm. 3 days after taking the drops 3 times a day he reported having a full night sleep, appetite returning, no vertigo on lying down. He feels great.


Practitioner: Tracy Karkut-Law. London E3.

A client who I've been treating for 'spots' came back feeling her skin is much improved from Hb Skin, nothing else in the mix. I started her on Hb B (blood and lymph) and Hb M (gentle liver detox) but no significant shift at that time. Homeopathic remedies were Foll, Tub and Thuja as a triad.


Practitioner: Helen Lee. DSH RSHom HbT.  Devizes and Marlborough.

Woman 40s, Hb Detoxa, Hb Female+, Hb Nutria for meopausal and detoxing HRT. Sleeplessness due to flushing most of the night. Since first dose no flushes. Amazing result as the women had flushes for years!

70 year old female with S.A.D. "I have more energy, my mood has lifted, I embrace each day. My acid reflux is under control, my back no-longer aches. Thank you so much for all your wonderful help Helen". This is a quote from my 70 year old SAD patient who I have been treating for various ailments with homeopathy for several years. I gave her Homeobotanical Emotional, Digestion, Emeta, Hb O and Devils claw for inflammation.

50 year old male with food and nail fungus. My patient has been using over the counter nail fungus treatments for years but to no avail. He has regular check up with a podiatrist who prescribed a urea based cream for the foot fungus and athletes foot, that just didn't seem to shift the fungus. I gave him Homeobotanical Promyr in an Aloe Vera base gel to use twice daily. Within a week he started noticing improvement, within a month it's nearly clear. His podiatrist is amazed and wants to know what the magic treatment is! He continues to use the gel daily and has been for several months to keep the fungus at bay.

55 year old female patient with no energy. I have been treating her for several years to help her menopausal symptoms using homeopathic remedies. She came to me with a complete lack of energy and I suggested trying some Homeobotanicals. She has Emotional, Female+, Nutrition and Spectra in one tonic and feels so much better, she now comes for a 'top up' regularly and uses the tonic as a supplement, taking it daily.


Practitioner: Deborah Phethean

We got a rescue puppy at 16 weeks old. He had been chemically wormed when he was given up. When it came to re worm him I rejected the chemicals and used Homeobotanical WORM mix instead. A few drops in his water bowl for a week. I repeated again after 1 month (to address the egg cycle). Around two months later, whilst playing in the field, my dog passed the most incredible worm. It looked like undigested spaghetti! I was a bit shocked, but it is common for pups to ingest worm eggs in kennels I was told. So I did another week of worming and waited for a month. After a month, I sent a poo sample off to Wormcount who test for all worms and worm eggs. The results came back clear. No worms for my dog! I will repeat the test in a further three months but that, (and scrutinising his poo) there have been no more worms passed to date.


Practitioner: Khush Mark. Kingston and Richmond. 

28 year old female presented with fatigue, bed most weekends to recover from week for the past 14 months. Symptoms included: Debilitating migraines, Acne, Bloating, Water retention, Lows and highs (to the point some days she felt she was losing herself), Hopelessness, IBS and constant Nausea. Her symptoms started 10 months after having the contraceptive patch. Although several friends suggested the contraceptive patch may be the cause, she was not convinced, because she'd had it for 2 years and the symptoms didn't start until 10 months later. She finally did get the patch removed but her symptoms continued to deteriorate and she was refused another patch as there was breast cancer in her family. When she came to see me she had already started a sugar free detox and begun drinking a lot more water. Her symptoms had slightly improved, the nausea had gone, but bloating was worse, she was also still getting the debilitating migraines and feelings of hopelessness that left her feeling overwhelmed and alone. 

We started with a detox for the contraceptive patch. She was very sensitive so we proceeded slowly, using Homeobotanicals (herbs at a low potency to nourish and support her detox organs). Once the detox has been completed her symptoms had cleared by 90%.

She had a few migraines at the beginning of the detox, I prescribed homeopathic bryonia and gelsenium which arrested them. I prescribed Nat Mur as her constitutional homeopathic remedy at the 4th session. Since finishing her last remedy, she has not had a single migraine, energy physically and mentally had improved dramatically and all symptoms cleared. 

I hope this will help you look at detox in a totally different light. Not the kind of 'avoid all dairy, meat, sugar and gluten' kind with lost of juicing but the more personalised type that results in curative measures and supports your organs to work at optimum level. Why not give it a try? I'm now helping her mother through the menopause to great results.