Mridul Kashatria

 A guy with some dreams!

Hello, I'm Mridul Kashatria. You can call me just Mridul

Last updated: 28 Nov 2007 

Mridul Kashatria

  • Age, 19
  • Date of Birth 28 Feb
  • Staying at: Sector 7, Panchkula (Address)
  • Hometown: Naya Nangal (Address)


  • Currently pursuing College Second Year classes. Course: BSc Computer Applications with Physics & Mathematics. At SD College, Chandigarh, India.
  • Studying Environmental Auditing subject as an Add-on Course.
  • Pursuing Maya 3D Modeling course from Arena Multimedia.

Currently working on..

  • Exams


  • National Winner, Intel Science Talent Discovery Fair 2004 held at Anna University, Chennai.
  • National Winner, CBSE-Intel Science Talent Discovery Fair held at Delhi Public School, Ghaziabad
  • Attended 1-month Internship at Indian Institute of Technology, Madras.
  • Swimming Gold Medal, School Swimming Competition, Bronze medal District Swimming Competition.
  • A-Grade, Professional Sailing Advance Course, Water Sports course from Deptt. of Mountaineering and Allied Sports, Manali, India.

Hobbies, Interests

  • Computer Programming in Linux, Flash Actionscript, JavaScript
  • Making Electronic Projects, power saving and automation circuits.
  • Reading Scientific Magazines, books. Some of them are, Electronics For You, Scientific American-India, National Geographic, CHIP India etc.
  • Physics; I love it, really! So, elegant. Nature is simply wonderful! Nothing gives more happiness than learning about nature, how it works, how everything is related to everything else.
  • Computer Animation and Graphic Design
  • Observing Things; Just looking around
  • Generating and Expressing Whacky Ideas to solve world problems.
  • Music; Soft Rock, Ambient type. I love instrumental music or the song in which instruments are dominating lyrics.
  • Environment; I love Nature, the cool wind, trees, birds; love studying climate too.

Philosophy of Life

Everything is just so natural!

Ever Wondered...?

  • How everything is related to everything else.
  • Can we describe human behavior in Mathematical Equations, ever wondered how many variables it could have?
  • Is astrology an empirical solution to that equation?
  • Why we are here, on earth
  • That we exist just because other things exist.

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