Homemade Solenoid Valve

    solenoid valve
  • A solenoid valve is an electromechanical valve for use with liquid or gas. The valve is controlled by an electric current through a solenoid coil.
  • A quick-opening valve which is mounted on a pressurized tank. The opening of the valve generates a cleaning pulse which dislodges the dust from the filter elements.
  • Valve that is actuated with a electromagnetic solenoid magnet. 2 possible variations, NC (naturally closed) which is closed when there is no current applied and NO (naturally open) which is open when no current is applied
  • made or produced in the home or by yourself; "homemade bread"
  • Made at home, rather than in a store or factory
  • homeMADE is an Australian reality television series that airs on the Nine Network. It premiered on 10 May 2009, and episodes air twice weekly on Tuesdays at 7:30pm and again at 9:30pm. The series is presented by David Heimann, who also acts as a mentor to the contestants.
  • Made in the home; Made by oneself; In a simple style as if made at home
homemade solenoid valve
drop collision???
drop collision???
potrebbe essere uno scontro di due gocce appena avvenuto?? eos 400 d camera flash shutter speed: 1/200 f/8 iso 100 no triggered flash, no frosted acrilic panel, no macro lens, no solenoid valve, no mariotte siphon: a genuine homemade waterdrop shot.
A contact of mine (AprilnotMay) recently made a homemade diffuser and I wanted to have a go at it. This is my milk jug diffuser. I got the idea of this design from the Lumiquest diffuser. It doesn't look as pretty as the Lumiquest but it does work. : )