Homemade hydrogen fuel cell plans to convert your car

Many people want to know how to make a homemade hydrogen dry fuel cell vehicle.  All you need is a diagram, plans or kits to convert your car engine to run on water. The technology is now in use in more and more cars and trucks, gas or diesel.  People with basic mechanic skills can do it at home for a few hundred dollars.
How this technology works
It is important to understand how this technology works before converting your car to run on water. The technology to make hydrogen from water is called electrolysis.  It can be produced using power from your car's battery.  The gas is also commonly named HHO fuel or brown's gas. This set up is very compact and fit under the hood of your car.
HHO gas produced from water is delivered through the intake manifold to mix with gasoline in the combustion chamber.  The combustion rate of gasoline will be increased by this supplement of HHO gas.  This results in a cleaner engine that burns gasoline fully and cleanly.  The end result is more miles per gallon and more money in your pockets.  Typical results reported by drivers using this technology will vary from 50% to 70% gas savings!
This short video shows how easy it is to produce hydrogen from water.
 How to make a homemade hydrogen fuel cell for my vehicle?
You can convert your car to run on hydrogen using step by step plans and diagram.  This will require that you buy some parts from a local hardware store.  Just decide exactly what technology will work best for your car.  Take time to understand the big picture and jump in! 
Learn how to make brown's gas generator for car.
There are many ebooks and guide online that will show you exactly what to do step by step to build your homemade HHO generator to convert your car to hydrogen. Be aware that most of them use the old technology of wet cell. We promote only the newest technology in HHO. The Dry Cell is over 100% more efficient than their wet cells! Our dry cell produces 1 liter per minute for every 10 AMPs, versus their 1 liter per minute for every 30 AMPs. Click on the link to read more:
Now that you learned  how to make a homemade hydrogen fuel cell for your vehicle, you can convert your car to run on water, save money and save the planet.
Homemade hydrogen fuel cell plans to convert your car