Home cooked curry for dinner parties

When your guests enter your house they would say 'wow this smells so good'. I will make sure the aroma permeates well beyond the kitchen. For those who would love to taste an authentic home cooked south Indian meal, here is an excellent opportunity for you to feed your taste buds at the comfort of your home. Whatever the ocassion is Sunday family lunch, family gathering, special occassion or just a group of your friends, you can sit back and enjoy the meal at your own dinner table. All I would need is your kitchen. I will supply my own ingredients. 

What's special? 

If you look at the menu, I don't have the names you see in a commercial restaurant. All the different curries I offer are from that of an average house-hold in Southern India. All the recipes are original and developed through several years of experiece. I use fresh ingredients and 'authentic' spices and guarantee a real home cooked meal experience.

How does this work?

Your chef will arrive with all the ingredients including his own pressure cooker and rice cookeer. All the ingredients will be freshly sourced, I don't use any processed ingredients. Whatever your requirements are such as local produce, fair trade, organic, just let me know in advance.


If you do not have my contact details please contact me via my Facebook or LinkedIn page. More about me on my personal webpage www.freebuffalo.co.uk.