Homeless in Calgary

A guide to some idea's and resources about and for the homeless


Most people have no idea what it would be like to have nowhere to live, no money for food, and no where to go. Yet current statistics show that an alarming number of people are only one paycheck away from facing this situation. An unexpected accident or illness and they could be part of the homeless population.

Prior to coming to Calgary four years ago I really knew nothing about the homeless, to me they were just dirty unkept bums who frequented bus stops and places of commerce begging for money to buy that next bottle of booze. The truth is a great deal different. Many of the growing homeless population are just like you and me. You can pass them in the street, or be standing next to them in the convienience store, and you would never guess that they have no place to live.

There are lots of terms that i hear, 'the working poor' is a common one. In a city like Calgary it takes a few dollars to survive, and when you are earning $8.50 an hour it is pretty tough to fund any kind of independent lifestyle.

If you do become homeless I have an emergency plan that might help.

Recently one of my compradres in homeless crime decided to start a new endevour. Stone Soup is a project to bring education and mentoring to street people and anyone else that is looking to improve their situation. Please take a moment to check out Phils Stone Soup Blog.

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