Homelearners South of the Fraser

Welcome to HLSF!



We are a secular Homelearners' support network  for families   who live south of the mighty Fraser in the Lower Mainland of  Beautiful British Columbia.

Our members span the range of homelearning  styles, from school-at-homers to radical unschoolers, and everything in between!

Browse our links to see upcoming activities and what we've been up to in the past!  Hopefully you will find something which you and your children would like to participate in with us! 

If you have are bursting with ideas about what we could do, let us know! Our groups is only as interesting as its members make it! Plan an activity or send us some photos or artwork or stories to share with everyone!

Generally our group planning meetings are the 3rd Monday of the month at 1pm, but see our HLSF Activities link for info on the next meeting.  Remember that one of the purposes of homelearner gatherings is for our children to mingle and socialize with other people of all ages. This means they will not only observe the way adults interact and follow that example, but they may also need help in their interactions from time to time. Please be that person for your children!

We also have a YAHOO group email list, where we can share chat and ideas. Email Cynthia from our HLSF Contact list for information about this. We have a $5 annual membership fee to take part in the YAHOO group list and to be on our networking list. We currently have about 25 families active on the list, and would love to have more! Come out to a meeting and decide if you'd like to join us!

This site is always under construction and we apologize in advance if there is outdated information. The contact information is current though!

Check back often for updates, and send us your ideas!