Leah Brooks

Asst. Professor, Trachtenberg School of Public Policy and Public Adminstration
George Washington University

I am economist, studying the political economy of cities.  This page is outdated! Please see my new website at www.leahbrooks.org.

Working Papers

Vestiges of Transit: Urban Persistence at a Micro Scale
joint with Byron Lutz
Last revised July 2014

From Today's City to Tomorrow's City: An Empirical Investigation of Urban Land Assembly
joint with Byron Lutz
Previously titled "Sclerosis of the City."
Last revised September 2013. Revision requested, American Economic Journal: Economic Policy.

Spending Within Limits: Evidence from Municipal Fiscal Restraints
joint with Yosh Halberstam and Justin Phillips
Submitted, January 2014.
Published as a Lincoln Institute for Land Policy Working Paper
Article in Land Lines describing this for an audience of urban planners and other practitioners.
Article in State Tax Notes, November 16, 2009, describing findings for lawyers and tax professionals

Published and Forthcoming Papers

Where does the Bucket Leak? Sending Money to the Poor via the Community Development Block Grant Program
CDBG special issue of Housing Policy Debate, forthcoming early 2014.
joint with Maxim Sinitsyn

The Micro-Empirics of Collective Action: The Case of Business Improvement Districts
Journal of Public Economics, 2011 95 (11-12), 1358-1372.
joint with William Strange

The Cabals of a Few or the Confusion of a Multitude: The Institutional Trade-off Between Representation and Governance
[paper] [appendix]
American Economic Journal: Economic Policy, February 2011 3 (1), 1-24.
joint with Maxim Sinitsyn and Justin Phillips

Does a Rising Tide Compensate for the Secession of the Successful? Illustrating the Effects of Business Improvement Districts on Municipal Coffers
in The Changing Landscape of Local Public Revenues, Cambridge: Lincoln Institute for Land Policy, 2010.
joint with Rachel Meltzer

An Institutional Explanation for the Stickiness of Federal Grants
Journal of Law, Economics and Organization, Spring 2010, 26(1).
Joint with Justin Phillips

Volunteering To Be Taxed: Business Improvement Districts and the Extra-Governmental Provision of Public Safety
[paper] [online appendix]
Journal of Public Economics, January 2008 92(1-2), 388-406.

Unveiling Hidden Districts: Assessing the Adoption Patterns of Business Improvement Districts in California
National Tax Journal, March 2007 60(1), 5-24.

Does Spatial Variation in Heterogeneity Matter? Assessing the Adoption Patterns of Business Improvement Districts
Review of Policy Research, November 2006 23(6), 1219-1233.

Work in Progress

Capitalizing on Collective Action: Business Improvement Districts and Property Values in Los Angeles
joint with Claire Brennecke

George Washington / Federal Reserve Board Real Estate Seminar