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Slam  By Walter Dean Myers!!!
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Slam By Walter Dean Myers- Book Cover

Slam! by Walter Dean Myers is an intriguing story of the life of a 17-year-old boy from Harlem. Greg "Slam" Harris is great at basketball and has big dreams, but he also has obstacles to overcome and choices to make, both in basketball and in life. Through Slam! one learns about life's temptations and the types of problems that face teenagers, particularly those in New York City.

Slam knows he has potential and could be one of the lucky ballplayers to make it to the top. His best friend, Ice, also has incredible talent, but Slam is worried his friend is becoming involved with drugs. Slam wants to help, but he has problems of his own. If he doesn't pull up his grades, he won't be allowed to play.

This book successfully portrays a real-life situation. The reader can identify with the characters and truly understand how they feel. Many teenagers have similar problems. A few times in the story Slam asks Ice about his involvement with drugs, but each time Ice blows off the answer. Eventually the two get into a fight, and Slam has to acknowledge that their friendship is over. Slam knows he cannot allow himself to go down that same path. Sometimes however much you want to help a friend you cannot do it without harming yourself.

Slam! is much more than a great story about basketball. You learn you can take skills and desires from one setting and apply them to another part of your life. There is a lot for us all to learn from this book.

Sixteen-year-old Greg "Slam" Harris can do it all on the basketball court. His grades aren't so hot, though. And when his teachers jam his troubles in his face, Slam blows up. He never doubted himself on the court until he found himself going one on one with his future

Slam, a teenager living in Harlem, adapts to life in a new school as he dreams of becoming a professional basketball player. At his new school Slam begins to learn that if he truly plans to succeed in life, he must have the dedication to excel in all aspects of school--not just on the basketball court