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Holliday Home Improvements

Holliday Home Improvements started in 2010 by Jason and Susan Holliday as a subsidiary of Holliday Services, Inc. that has been serving the Lowcountry for cleaning and property management since 1976.

Jason and Susan realized that they could offer a better customer experience when it came to purchasing home improvements, especially windows and doors. What they found was that most of the local contractors in the area only understood that replacing windows and doors meant taking the wall apart and putting it back together, like new construction.

There was a need in the area for a “replacement window and door” specialist. Replacement windows and doors are designed to give the homeowner what they want and need; new windows and doors, but in a more timely manner and at a much lower price.

Replacement windows and doors save the homeowner time and money because they are specifically built to fit into the existing opening without having to remove trim or molding and no painting is required in most installations.

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Jason and Susan wanted to be able to offer their customers a better product at a better price than the competition. So they decided to go “factory direct” with as many products as they could find to serve the local community.

Buying direct gives Holliday Home Improvements an advantage over the competition because they don’t have to pay the markup associated with purchasing from a distributor and also because of the superior service they receive from buying products from the people who made them.

Holliday Home Improvements is now the exclusive dealer for Sunrise Windows and Doors, Provia Windows and Doors, and Soft-lite Windows and doors. All 3 of these companies have outstanding products and warranties.

In a specialty market, like Hilton Head Island, three manufacturers don’t offer all the products that some of the high-end clients desired. So in order to better serve the needs of their clients, Holliday Home Improvements set up accounts with specialty suppliers.

Holliday Home Improvements Can Now Install Any Brand That A Home Requires in The Replacement Window And Door Market.

Customer service seemed to be a real hot button with the local community when dealing with contractors. Jason and Susan found the local community was constantly complaining about contractors not showing up on time, not answering or returning phone calls, or not even bothering to get them a price.


Jason and Susan made the following commitments to all their customers:

  • Give the customer a price in writing and do not raise that price in the middle of the job.

  • Install 1 window/door or a whole house instead of requiring a customer to spend more than they want to do “job minimums” required by their competition.

  • Offer customers, not just 1 product that may not fit their budget, but several choices to fit their needs and budget.

  • Show up at the scheduled time or call to let the customer know that we are running behind.

  • Answer the phone or return a customer’s phone call on the same business day.

  • Offer a warranty on both the labor and materials by using certified installation techniques and quality materials.

  • Give all customers Jason’s cell phone number and have a voicemail that is checked regularly and is not “full.”

By doing all of these things, Jason and Susan built a strong and respected company. Holliday Home Improvements is constantly striving to increase the customer’s satisfaction by using new techniques and technology to make the home improvement buying experience better for homeowners.Call or email us today so you too can find out how easy replacing your windows and doors can be.

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