Studio Equipment


Pro-Tools HD2 digital recording
Pro-Tools 9 software on a Mac Pro Dual 2GHz processor. 
Industry standard state of the art recording and editing with automated mixdown.
24 input / 24 output on Digidesign 192 convertors

Lyrec 532 2-inch 24-track analogue tape
Recording with the classic sound of Ampex 456 tape. Reels available to hire or for prices...


SSL XL-Desk  A compact yet versatile high-end analogue mixing console.

SSL VHD 4 Channel pre amp, High End quality Variable Harmonic Drive microphone and instrument preamp from well respected makers

Golden Age Pre 73 microphone preamps and DI boxes. Neve 1073 style mic and line preamps, with a fat vintage tone.

Digidesign Command8 Control Surface for complete control over automated mixing

Calrec PQ 1253 Classic broadcast pre amplifiers with exceptional sounding eq sections


* Dynaudio BM6A active monitors
* Yamaha NS 10M Studio Monitors
* Powered by Quad 405-2 Power Amp
* Hear Technologies HearBack System Headphone monitoring system allowing the musicians to create their own mix
Beyer Dynamic DT100 Headphones x 6


* AKG D112 Bass / Drum Mic
* AKG D12E Bass / Drum Mic
* AKG C451E Studio Condenser mics x4
* AKG C2000B Studio condenser
* Audio Technica AT4050 Condenser mic
* Neumann U87
* Octava MK-219 Studio condensers x3
* Reslo ribbon mic
* Sennheiser MD421's x2
* Shure SM7-B
* Shure SM 57 x3
* Shure SM 58 x2
* Shure 520 DX Green Bullet
* STC Ball mic

Outboard FX

* Kush Electra 500 eqs x2
* Lindell PEX 500 eqs x2
* Klark Teknik DN410 eq
* ADR F760-RS FET Comp/Exp
* Lindell 7x 500 1176 style FET Compressor x2
* TL Audio 5021 Valve Compressor/ Pre amps
* Drawmer DL231 Compressor / Expander
* Klark Teknik DN780 Digital Reverb
* Lexicon MPX200 Reverb Unit
* AKG BX20E Spring Reverb
* Bandive Great British Spring Reverb
* Watkins Copycat (Tape Echo)


* Trillium Lane Labs TL Space Convolution Reverb
* ReVibe Room Modelling Reverb
* Tel-Ray Analogue/Tape Style Delay
* Focusrite d2 & d3 Eq and compression
* Bomb Factory BF-3A Leveling Amp Style Compressor / Limiter
* Bomb Factory BF76 Urei Style Compressor
* Digidesign Smack Compressor
....& loads more tasty plugs...


* Pearl Export Drumkit,
* Marshall JCM2000 50W valve stack + 4x12 Cabinet
* Musicman HD One Fifty valve stack + 4x12 Cabinet
* Ampeg SVT350 Bass Rig
( ...available on no extra cost )


* 1979 Fender Stratocaster Hardtail
* Antique Harmonium
* Antique Collard & Collard Upright Piano
* Roland SH101 Analogue Synthesiser
* Casio CZ101 Analogue Synthesiser
* Korg ES1 Production Sampler
* Roland R5 Human Rythymn Composer
* Yamaha CS1X Control Synthesizer
* Korg Micro Synthesiser

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