Samsung Plasma

The Samsung 42 Plasma TV

The new fourth-generation Samsung 42 plasma is out, offering state-of-the-art high performance high-definition display and resolution.

As opposed to the liquid crystal type display technology, plasmas create their stunningly life-like pictures through a complicated gas-based system. The plasma display idea has been around since 1964, but is only now coming into its own for practicality.

At a slim and trim 3.4 inches in depth, the flat-screened plasma takes up virtually no space in your room, making it the screen of choice for both home and office. This plasma's high-end display resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels gives a picture quality and depth of color that are outstanding.

The Samsung plasma television screen under discussion is 42 inches, measured diagonally. Plasmas range in sizes from 32" up to the gigantic 63" screen. A 42" plasma screen is best viewed from ten to fourteen feet away, and has a high-end 160 degree viewing angle that is completely uniform, due to its perfectly flat screen.

The "Virtual Surround" audio system for this Samsung plasma TV simulates multiple-channel surround sound using fewer speakers. It has SAP/MTS stereo which enables three-channel audio encoding, an audio leveler which evens out sudden volume changes such as commercials, and Secondary Audio Programming (SAP) which allows reception of more than one soundtrack simultaneously.

Samsung plasma televisions are built from scratch in the factory. The HP-P4271 has almost twice as many pixels as EDTV plasmas, resulting in a clearer, sharper image. A great investment in your home entertainment center.

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