Panasonic Plasma TV

When looking for the best selling Panasonic plasma TV, there are three different models to start the search. With a brand like this, it's hard to mention just one model. Last year's 2005 model, the TH-42PD25U, has been replaced by the TH-42PD50U. The improvements over the older TV are a nonexistent card slot, the bottom-mounted speakers, and the integrated ASC tuner. The newer model has Panasonic's 7-series plasma panel, which means it is brighter, has a longer life, and little to no phosphor burn in. It may not be the best selling Panasonic plasma TV yet, but for now it is certainly one of the best plasma TVs.

Panasonic's TH-50PHD8UK is the best selling 50" plasma TV. The plasma panel is capable of showing over 8 billion colors, with improvements that yield a picture up to 20% brighter than the 7UY series. It also has up-to-date video processing and adaptive gain control technology to bring realistic color and shading. The Real Black Drive System creates deeper blacks and finer detailing in dark scenes with a 3,000:1 contrast ratio.

The Panasonic TH-42PX50U is one of the best flat panel displays rated by Consumer Reports. Among the reasons it is a high-rated TV is the clean video processing and deep blacks. While it isn't the best television for industrial use, if you want sound in addition to a good picture, this is the way to go. With the speakers bottom-mounted instead of side-mounted, it takes up a little less room on a tabletop, or it can include an option wall-mounting bracket for even less room.

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