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Swedx XV1-40DTV-SP 40 Inch Sapele Wood HDTV

Price: £948.99 & this item Delivered FREE in the UK with Super Saver Delivery

Swedx's new 40 inch LCD-TV is the ultimate multimedia product for your home or office. Enjoy your favourite movie or display your company's presentation, whatever your desires are, the XV1-40 is your perfect partner.

The TV is embedded in natural wood and its high precision technology makes the XV1-40 one of the thinnest LCD-TVs in the world. This model comes with an in-built digital tuner offering up to 50 channels! Environmentally friendly, ergonomically-designed wood casings, 100% recyclable wood goods in factories with environmentally-friendly certificates, an all-natural, renewable, sustainable, recyclable resource.

Sony DAV-S500 Home Cinema System
by Sony

The Sony DAV-S500 is a complete, ultra-modern hi-fi and home cinema system in an almost miniature format. This multi-talented package with compact satellite speakers and a subwoofer not only plays DVD-videos, CDs, CD-Rs and CD-RWs, but is also capable of reproducing high-resolution multi-channel Super Audio CDs.

The built-in two-band tuner with RDS can store as many as 20 FM and 10 MW stations. The DAV-S500 makes an impact by way of its appearance as well. The solid aluminium front panel of the silver-finish chassis creates a striking impression with unadorned elegance. The brushed front accommodates only a few, slim buttons in a row alongside the volume control and headphone output. Its design enables the unit to enjoy visual prominence, while merging easily in any modern domestic landscape.

The system's core component is the S-Master digital amplifier with a resolution of 20 bits. The high accuracy pulse generator, similar to the one used in Sony's high end SCD-1's S-tact, reproduces the audio signals with natural, crystal clarity. Very frugal power consumption, high efficiency and a low heat output rank among the further special attributes of this system.

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