The Home Family Club was founded June 28, 1928, by Gennaro Meo, Pietro Sposito, and Felice A. Pettine who met at Saint Rocco's Church Hall with 35 other men to establish a cultural club.

The founding principle of the club is to promote fraternity and goodwill and welfare of its members through social and recreational activities.

In March of 1929, the HOME FAMILY CLUB was Incorporated by the State of Ohio as a non-profit organization. By-Laws and regulations were adopted in April 1938. 

In April of 1941, the club registers its first income of 2,015 dollars through the rental of a three-family house and garage at 3402 Clark Avenue in Cleveland. 

In May of 1951, the HOME FAMILY CLUB acquires a D-4 Liquor License from the State of Ohio. A members club room with bocce courts was established and a Hall was made available for rent. 

In the late 1960s, an adjacent double house was purchased using member donations. They were all repaid 4 years later. The house burnt down in the mid-1970s and the property was used as parking. 

In November of 1997, the Home Family Club sold its property to a major drug store chain. Many attempts to unite other Italian Heritage clubs in an effort to pool resources and purchase new property did not come to fruition. So, in March of 1998, the membership of the Home Family Club decided to go ahead with its own plans. They purchased property on Pearl Road in Parma Heights, Ohio adjacent to Saint John Bosco Church. The property had an existing commercial building to act as immediate income with still enough land to construct a new facility. Again the members pledged cash to help with construction.  

In April of 2001 ground was broken for the new club room and banquet hall. Many members helped with the construction of the club. By May of 2002, the club building was blessed and we held the first members meeting. On May 11, 2002, the Home Family club dedicated the new home with a Gala Grand Opening Ball and an Open House.


2019 Club Officers

Antonio Terrigno

Vice President: 
Mario Mancini

Goffredo Di Fiore

Recording Secretary
Domenic Zenicola

David Vitto

Sergeants at Arms:   
Raffaele Parente

3 Year: Michele (Ben) Gentile
2 Year: Tony Di Fiore
1 Yr: Jay Reinholz