Window shading

In the warmer months cooling becomes an issue for many houses. Windows are often responsible for overheating homes, especially in those rooms facing west, which receive blasting afternoon sunshine. Internal comfort can be improved without requiring air conditioning by protecting these windows with shade or tinting and using cross ventillation to cool the room.

Note. Every square meter exposed to sunshine generates about 1 kW of heat inside.

Window awnings or external blinds can be adjusted to maximise the shade.

Window tinting is effective in reducing the amount of glare and heat ingress into a room. It has no purpose on windows that receive no sun or are exposed to glare. Notr does window tinting reduce the amoutn of heat loss through the window in winter.
Renshade is a perforated aluminium coated cardboard product developed to install in windows that allow too much heat in. It reflects the radiant heat out again, while maintaining some degree of vision