Standby controllers

Appliances such as entertainment and computer equipment, heaters and cooking equipment use energy even when they are not "On". The simplest way of eliminating standby power is to turn "Off" at the power switch all appliances that do not require their clock or timer function.

There are a number of techniques for controlling standby
  • Power points are made more accessible by either inserting a switch extension (eg Ecoswitch, WattsClever Easy-Off switch,Tricklestar PC trickle Switch), or using accessible switched powerboards (eg Jackson's 4 plug foot switch powerboard)

  • Using a remote control switch to allow switches to be turned off (eg Future switch, Efergy or Watts Clevers multiple remote control power point plugs, remote controlled power boards, infra red TV remote controlled triggered TV switch controller (Watts Clever).

  • Intelligent devices that detect the powering down of master appliance and switch peripheral (slave) devices off at the same time (eg  WattStopper and Jacksons Green Energy saving power boards sense when the master appliance such as TV or computer is powered down and switches off all peripheral devices)

The table below lists available products and where they can be purchased. The approximate cost in 2011 is also given.

Standby controller devices

The best range of devices are available online as shown in the table on this page.

However some local suppliers are starting to sell devices that assist in controlling standby.
Bunnings usually have remote control power points and smart power boards for example.