Energy saving gadgets

There are a number of gadgets that may be useful for saving power. Timers are a useful way of limiting the time some appliances are on (eg. towel rails can use up to $400pa, however if a timer is used to limit the operating hours to 4 - 6 hours per day, the operating costs can be reduced to less than $100pa).

A growing number of gadgets are emerging that assist with saving energy.

The Ecobutton allows the immediate hibernation and recovery of your computer. It plugs in with a USB plug and automatically downloads the software to operate. It summarises savings every time the computer is re started. Cost $20 -25 has been available at Office Works.

The Efergy Shower Timer allows you to callibrate your shower flow rate and sounds an alarm when apreset amount of water has been used.

The Water Pebble sits in the base of your shower and uses a system of lights to slowly reduce the amount of wate used each shower.

Timers are a versatile tool for limiting the time appliances are used (very useful on heaters) or controlling the standby issue for many appliances by turning off the power point for periods where the appliance is not used. For the most control a seven day timer should be chosen, especially if there is differences in usage on different days.