Appliance energy meters

Appliance energy meters measure the energy used by individual appliances. The appliance plugs in to the meter like a double adaptor and displays the real time power usage. Cost and carbon dioxide equivalents can also be displayed. Weekly, monthly, quaterly and annual energy use, costs and green house gas emissionscan be forecast.

Appliance meters are particularly useful for measuring standby -  an amount not specified on most appliances, yet often uses more energy than when the appliance is operating!

Cheaper meters are adequate for most applications but lose accuracy at lower power levels (eg. low standby levels). The Powermate series are very accurate and versatile, but more costly!

The table below lists each product with an approximate cost (2011).

Some local larger hardware stores like Bunnings  and electrical suppliers eg.

Electricians Shed
45 Burnett St 7000 North Hobart
Ph 6231 0002

Jaycar Electrical
245 Main Rd, Derwent ark
Ph 62729955

are starting to stock cheaper meters, they are readily available on-line through Eco shops, see table on this page