Standby control and energy monitors

Standby power is the small amount of power that many appliances use all the time. There is standby power being used by any appliance that has a remote control device, a light, clock, timer or often just a circuit board of some sort (eg. washing machines).

The problem with standby is that it consumes power all the time, and once there are multiple appliances this accumulates, often accounting for up to 10% of your power bills.

Measuring standby (and energy usage) allows you to put a dollar value on the standby power your appliances are using. As this is often very suprising, it provides the motivation for stopping it by turning appliances off at the switch when not in use.

There are two types of monitors that allow householders to measure energy use.

The best way of eliminating standby power is to turn appliances off at the power point when not in use!! There are a growing number of devices that facilitate this behaviour, ranging from remote control switching to making switches more accessible.

We have also listed a number of other energy saving gadgets that are becoming available that help in energy saving.

Appliance meters

Measure the power consumed by individual appliances.

Standby energy controllers

Measure energy consumption for the whole house.