A miscellaneous collection of energy saving or efficient products encountered encountered along the way which may be of interest.

Fridge seals

Fridges become inefficient when the door seal perishes or wears. If you can slide a $5 note or slip of paper easily around the perimeter of the seal, it is poor condition and may need replacing.

Refrigeration repairers can come and replace the seal but you may be able to do it yourself (especially if no longer in warranty).

Seals can be ordered on-line from Doorseals.com

or Just Fridge Seals for hundreds of models of dridge are available.

Local fridge seal suppliers and installers include
Tassie Fridge Seals 
Geilston Bay TAS 7015
Ph (03) 6243 0261 

Installs fridge seals for all models. Will aslo sell the seal (~$80) to DIY

Tasmanian Appliance Spares 

190 Argyle Street, Hobart TAS 
 (03) 6236 9799 ‎ 
Sells seals for Electrolux, Westinghouse, Kelvinator, Hoover

Heat transfer units, roof cavity heat recovery systems and solar heating

Acombination of ducting and a fan, these systems move air from heated areas of the house to cooler areas. Roof heat recovery systems deliver warmer air in the ceiling cavity (generated from the sun shining on the roof) into the rooms below. The air is filtered and blown into the rooms, displacing cooler moist air with dry warmer air.
Heat transfer systems transport warm air from heated rooms to unheated areas.

The Home Efficiency Group and Pellet Fires Tasmania both sell and install these types of systems.

Solar thermal heaters

Often the living areas in a home do not receive any direct sunshine and require active heating. Solar thermal heating captures the solar radiation hitting a roof, heating the air in the collector and delivering it into a room below. While the rooms may still require supplementary heating, the energy requriements for heating are greatly reduced as the starting temperature is much higher.

Solar thermal units can work in reverse overnight to eliminate built up hot air inside, discharging it to the cooler outside air.

Solaventi and Solamate are two available solar thermal heaters. Pellet Fires Tasmania sell and install both these models.


The Flushmiser is a very simple way of reducing toilet flushing volume. Its simply a counterweight which seals the valve as soon as you take your finger off the flush button. Sustainable Living Tasmania are selling the FlushMiser ($20). The cost will quickly be recouped with water metering.

Enclosing shower cubicles

An open shower cubicle creates larges amount of steam, often causing moisture problems either inside the house or unseen in the ceiling cavity if an extractor fan vents into this area. It also makes the shower occupant feel cold as the heated air rises drawing cold air in from the bottom.

Enclosing the shower almost eliminates steam and moisture in the bathroom or ceiling cavity and eliminates the need for an extractor fan to operate. It also increases the shower occupants comfort resulting in lower shower temperature and shorter showe duration.

There are a couple of known proprietory solutions. Showerdome is a perspex domed cover that can be cut to fit most solid shower enclosures. There is no distributor in the state, but it can be ordered directly from the company.

Alternatively, a

Eco billies

Wind/solar powered gadet recharger

MYmini  produce a chargers for phones, MP3 players, cameras using one or a combination of wind turbine, mini solar panel, manual dynamo. Adaptors are available for a wide range of gadgets.

Instant electric hot water

If hot water use is reasonable low and water efficient appliances are used and natural gas for instant gas hot water is not an option, then instant electric hot water is an alternative. To make this energy and cost effective the amount of hot water must be used efficiently.

REZI is a Swiss made electric unit available from Southern Five Start ty Ltd (on-line). larger quantities of hopt water can be delivered if three-phase power is available (using up to 11 kW).