Identifying 12 or 240 volt downlights or spot lights

It is important to be clear about the type of downlight or spotlights you have when considering your options. Somoe recessed lights run directly from 240V mains power while the majority use a transformer to step the voltage fdown from 240 volts to 12 volts.

Two ways of determing which style of lighting

  1. Investigate the fitting and see if a transformer is fitted to the light fitting (the transformer sits in the ceiling space along side the light fitting). The transformer will look like a little plastic rectangular box something like the following image.

  1. Remove a globe and examine the pins on the fitting. 


  • 12 volt globes and fittings ONLY have this type ofpin and are labelled as MR16

    • 240 volt globes and fittings ONLY have this type of pin and are labelled as GU10