Downlight fittings and replacements

When downlighting is desired the best solution is often to replace the whole 12 volt MR16 fixture with a new energy efficient recessed fixture.
The advantages are
  1. The fixtures are already sealed
  2. Fixtures are 240 volt, so no issues with transformers
  3. Most fixtures come with an appropriate globe whether CFL or LED already installed
  4. Halogen globes do not fit into the fixture avoiding potential risks of a halogen globe inadvertently being used in the future

Energy efficient fixture are available for both LED and CFL globes. If the existing fitting was plugged through a standard power point then teh fittings can be installed yourself, otherwise an electrician will be required to remove old fixtures and to wire in fixtures.

Alternatively a 12 volt to 240 volt adaptor can be used to allow the fitting to fit a 240 volt globe.