Downlight covers

Downlights light fittings themselves have two problems associated with heating and cooling
  1. The gap around the globe acts like a chimney drawing heated air from the room into the cavity. The heated air is then replaced by unheated air drawn from outside.
  2. The fixture requires a clear space of 45 cm diamter to prevent material (including insulation) coming in contact with the high operating temperature of the halogen globe. This space causes significant disruption in the insulations efficacy.
Downlight covers improve both issues by providing a sealed cover over the fitting and reducing the gap required in the insulation, as the insulation can come right up to the cover. They also prevent dust from the ceiling cavity entering the room.

The Isolite IGLOO and Tenmat cones are fire retardent material boxes that fit around the fitting in the ceiling cavity. The IGLOO is an all in one cover incorporating a holder for the transformer, while the Isolite can have a transformer holder attached.

The Halogen Mitt on the otherhand can be fitted by inserting the self expanding cover through the light fitting hole.

The table blow lists downlight covers and where to purchase them.

Downlight covers