Loose fill insulation

Loose fill insulation is typically blown into place to whatever thickness (or R-value) is requried. Well installed it provides good insulation for ceiling and walls.

Loose fill insulation can be made from
  • Cellulose
  • Rock wool
  • Fibreglass

Loose fill is often the best method of retrofitting insulation as it can be installed in to small spaces, and depending on the building structure can by installed retrospectively into wall cavities.

There are two installers in Tasmania

Retro-spec Insulation based in Northern Tas, covers the whole state and specialises in retrofitting the most appropriate type of insulation including loose fill cellulose, blown in rockwool and fibreglass.

Healthyhouse based in the South of the state uses cellulose loose fill in ceiling and walls.


3 Henry St, West Hobart 7000
Ph (03) 6231 5354
Focus on building healthy houses, and can install cellulose insualtion as the healthiest insulation

Retro-Spec Insulation
4 Hawthorn St, Launceston, Tas
Kevin Baeur
Ph (03) 6343 3354
0414 322 331
Specialising in existing wall cavities. Also cellulose and polyester insulation.