Further information and considerations

Resources: Further general information is available from

Sustainable Living Tasmania's download Insualtion guide.
Sustainablility Victoria's Energy Smart Housing Manual - Chapter 7 Insulation.
Your Home Technical Manual  Chapter 4 - Insulation

Batt sizing.
Batts are generally manufactured in two widths to suit standard building construction: 430 mm widths for 450 mm stud centres and 580 mm for 600 mm centres. Batts specific
for subfloor use are made to suit standard floor joist gaps (360, 410, 470 and 560 mm). Purchasing the correct width makes installing insulation straightforward and quick.

Electrical wiring.
If any electrical wiring will be covered by insulation, seek advice from an electrician. Electric cables and equipment partially or completely surrounded with bulk thermal insulation may overheat and fail. Electrical cables can be protected by conduit.

Turn OFF power supply before installing any insulation to avoid accidental electrocution.

Recessed downlights. Recessed downlights fitted with halogen globes reach excessive temperatures (200 - 300°C). For this reason each downlight must have a clearance of 45cm around each fitting. Alternately the fitting may be fitted with a fire resistant cover such as an Isolite or Igloo. Further information is available in the downlight section.