Hot water cylinder temperature

Electric storage hot water cylinders

You can measure the temperature of your electric storage hot water cylinder by capturing water out of the pressure release valve outlet or the nearest sink outlet as long as there is no temperature tempering valve fitted (this is a knob along the hot water outlet pipe with a cold water pipe also plumbed into the valve and limits the maximum temperature).

Run the pressure release valve for 5 - 10 seconds then collect water in a cup and
insert a thermometer (0 - 100°C). Take care as water can be burning hot!

Water temperature should be at 60°C. If the temperature is too high (or low) have an electrician or competent person reduce the temperature setting.

Solar hot water systems

The temperature in solar hot water systems can reach much higher temperatures than 60°C when there is good solar exposure. Therefore care must be taken with solar set ups and temperature measured only when solar exposure is low (eg. cloudy days in winter).

SAFETY - the mains power enters the cylinder through same cavity as the thermostat control.  The power supply must be TURNED OFF before the thermostat setting area is accessed. An electrician should adjust thermostat temperatures.