Wall vents

Wall vents serve no purpose in a building heated with electricity. They are largely a relic from the times heating by combustion inside the room was common (wood or gas heaters) and ensured some ventilation. Unfortunately wall vents are located near the ceiling, where the warmest air accumulates and the vents serve as chimneys for heat to escape into the wall and ceiling cavity.

There are numerous cheap ways of sealing them
  1. Temporary
    • apply gaffa tape, clear contact or clear packing tape to tape over vent
    • tape a thin piece of cardboard or ply over vent with double sided stickytape and paint if desired
    • Install an adjustable wall vent. Bunnings have some plastic adjustable wall vents although not standard wall vent size.
  2. Permanent
    • Use plaster of paris and pack the vent holes.Once dry sand and paint
    • Remove vent from wall and replaster the hole