Ceiling exhausts

Ceiling exhausts located in bathrooms, kitchens and laundries are often unsealed allowing direct loss of heat  to the ceiling cavity or outside. Exhausts should be sealed and preferably vented to the outside. Unfortunately older practice has been to install unsealed exhausts venting directly into the ceiling cavity. Not only are they a major route of heat loss, the air is usually moist, introducing moisture into the ceiling cavity. These installations should either be remedied or replaced.

Advantec's DraftStoppa is a simple product that can be easily fitted over most exhausts if the ceiling cavity is accessible. The flaps open when the exhaust is turned on due to the air flow generated by the fan, otherwise they are shut sealing the exhaust fan.  It fits most standard exhausts as well as the combination heater/light/exhaust units like the IXL Tastic (an adapting ring is required to allow it to sit on the unit).
Safety: If a DraftStoppa is to be used on a combination unit then the switch should be rewired to ensure the fan will always come on when the heating lamps are activated to avoid overheating around the lamps.

If installing a new exhaust or replacing an old one the DraftStoppa TopHat is a good solution costing around $140 (Neco).

Other self sealing exhausts and combination units are available at most hardware and lighting shops.  IXL Tastics are available as a sealed unit from hardware stores and good electrical appliance stores. Lighting shops tend to sell only sealed and vented exhausts and combination lighting/exhaust/heating units.

Odourvac is an alternative system to the traditional ceiling bathroom ventillation system. It vents directly from the toilet bowl and directly overhead from the shower with a sealed exhaust and ducting out to the closest eaves.


DraftStoppas are available at Bunnings and can be ordered from on-line stores Neco and The Enviroshop and cost between $25 - $40.

DraftStoppa TopHat can be ordered from Bunnings or John Clennett Mitre 10 hardware or on-line store Neco

Odourvac is distrubted by Fantech Plus and can be found at

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