Home Education Fair Events!

Home Education -  Meet & Chat and Tea & Cake!
an informal information sharing for new Home Educators, meeting experienced Home Educators

SUNDAY 1st October - Coram's Fields  2 - 4pm

This will be an  information sharing event  at an informal gathering for new Home Educators wanting information about what is on in London and to meet other experienced Home Educators

Venue information here

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The second event will be the annual Home Education Fair, which will be later, in Spring 2018 
(April  - date TBC)

We are looking for a new venue:  Coram's Fields has its good points, but we want to explore other options. If anyone knows of a venue that is roughly the same size or larger, that has at least two spaces and a kitchen, that is easily accessible by public transport and in travel zone 2 or 3, please let me know.  

Cost is obviously prohibitive for us, as it is a self-funding event, but if anyone has any contacts or creative ideas, has an idea of a venue or knows someone with a studio or friendly office space, with large meeting/conference rooms that could work, please email me.  

Please get in touch if you have any ideas and/or would like to be involved with the Home Education Fair 2018.