Coin Collector

Anyone can start collection coins and it will probably turn
into a great hobby for you.  Some coin collectors focus on
all different types of coin collections while some collect
coins from all over the world.  Collecting old coins or ones
from a particular country is also popular.  There are some
collectors out there who focus on coins that are not being
circulated anymore.  These coins are have no wear and are in
mint condition.  You will start collecting particular types
of coins when you figure out what your specific interest is.

If you are interested in beginning a coin collection it
would be advisable to visit the library for some reference
books on coin collecting.  There also various clubs that you
can join to begin learning about the hobby of collecting

You'll find coins for your collection in all types of
different places. Coin shops and coin shows offer the
opportunity to purchase coins from coin dealers.  Coin
dealers can be an excellent resource for information on
coins. They also provide the opportunity to view a large
selection of collectible coins.

You can also purchase coins by mail order as Willis through
online auction web sites.  If you purchase high-value coins
from the Web or from auction dealers be extremely careful to
inspect the coins when they arrive.  You want to make sure
that you receive exactly what was promised. Be careful when
purchasing collectible coins through online auctions because
they're often priced well above their value.

Antique shows, craft fairs, and flea markets are another
good source for finding collectible coins. When handling
collectible coins is important that you do not touch the
edges.  The fingerprints can reduce a coins grade and
therefore its value.  Make a habit of always picking up
coins by the edges and especially when handling someone
else's coins.

Collectible coins are characterized according to their
grade.  The grade of a coin has a lot of impact on its
value.  While there are published standards which set
criteria for grading a coin it is really a skill which can
only be developed over time and exposure to experienced
collectors. There is a lot of information out there for
those who are beginning a coin collection.  Check out all
the books on the market for information regarding coin
collecting, grading, and pricing.

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