Home Cooked Blues

Welcome to Home Cooked Blues.


We offer lessons, tips and theory for beginning and intermediate blues piano players.


Basic Blues Piano Lesson 1-10 is for beginners and is absolutley free. These ten lessons were designed to give a piano player a good foundation for beginning blues piano. Please, look at the Introduction to Basic Blues Lesson Video for useful information before you begin the series. 


Our teaching style is simple and straight forward. We give the viewer an over-the-shoulder look at each lesson. No razzle-dazzle graphics or busy split screens. And we will strive to make each lesson packed with information that you will actually use when learning how to play blues and rock.


If you are interested in learning how to play blues and rock piano with both hands, or want to add more licks, runs and ideas to your existing blues-rock skills, we think you will find these lessons useful.


Our webpages are listed in the left column under Home Cooked Blues. Simply click on the lessons and links that you're interested in and have fun.  You are most welcome to return as we gradually add new stuff to our website.



We are not selling any services or products at this time. Enjoy the free lessons... and have fun with the blues.