Data Recovery

A data loss situation is usually characterised by the sudden inability to access data involving a previously functioning computer system. This may be caused by a virus that deleted data or reformatted partitions.

In some cases, data loss is due to a bad CD/DVD, floppy, flashcard, memory stick, or a failing hard drive. Most hard drives will emit a light mechanical hum that a user may notice under normal operation. An indication of impending failure is when the normal sound changes to louder ticking or grinding noises. This symptom may precede actual data access problems as the hard drive utilizes spare sectors.

Other forms of data loss include accidental deletion of data, accidental reformatting of partitions, and sabotage.

HomeCareComputers have the tools and knowledge to recover most of your data assuming that your hard drive has not completely failed.

Most data is recoverable as long as other data has not been written over the top.

Please note: We can only recover data at software level.

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Tips And Suggestions

Data Loss Prevention And Recovery

Data Loss Prevention

Protect your computer against power surges with a power surge protector or better yet, with an uninterruptible power supply.

Back up important data regularly. If your hard drive fails, you can restore your data to a new hard drive.

Data Recovery

If you hear your hard drive making very unusual noises, turn off the computer immediately. The noise is probably due to a hard drive crash.

Do not copy or move any files to the hard drive containing your lost data. This may overwrite the lost data.

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