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            Homecall Doctor has been successful in this year’s Private Healthcare Awards.

         Private GP Service of the Year 2019 - Waverley

        Thank you to whoever it was that nominated me. There may not have been much competition, but I appreciate the recommendation.


            I am taking a sabbatical from March 2019 for six months. Registered patients may contact me by email but there will be no appointments or telephone service during this time.

             Flu Vaccines 2018/19 

             I'm sorry but I have run out of Flu vaccine and have no nasal spray

           Flu Vaccines 2017/18

            I'm sorry but I have run out of Flu vaccine and have no nasal spray for the 2017/18 season

            Flu Vaccines will be available from the first week of October in 2018. Zostavax (shingles for age 50+) and Pneumovax can be ordered to receive at the same time. Registered patients will be                                 automatically be emailed to advise when it is  available, non-registered patients can ask to join a reminder list.

            Flu Vaccines 2016

            Flu Vaccines will be available from the first week of October this year. Zostavax (shingles for age 50+) and Pneumovax  can be ordered to receive at the same time.

            August 2016 Bexsero 

            Bexsero is now freely available. I have around a dozen families left on my waiting list and am therefore able to re-open it, initially to those with children under the age of two & a half. 

            (If you wish to join a waiting list please send an email to drlee@homecall doctor.  com). Varivax -Chickenpox vaccine remains available.

           Station Car-park

            Please be aware that the station car-park is to be closed until Christmas for an extra deck level to be built. In addition, most of the 'drop off'' spaces are to be permanently removed.                                               This is likely to cause traffic chaos near the station from 1st August and especially at the start of September term. Please allow extra time for your appointment but remember that there are two                        patients spaces on the drive.


            May 2016 Bexsero

            I have now received my first supply of vaccine for boosters and will be contacting all parents whose children were originally booked for February to April. I expect to have "caught up" with all boosters               within six weeks which means no children were actually unprotected whilst they were waiting. 

            I  expect to get more supplies to start new courses fairly soon and will be prioritising babies and those who paid the registration fee for the waiting list. Thank you for your patience.

            March 2016 Bexsero

            I have over 50 families on my waiting list for which I charged a £20 registration fee and a further 40 who had expressed an interest. I have only managed so far to offer the vaccine to a handful of the                youngest babies. GSK have confirmed that August is the earliest likely time for new supplies, but it is not clear if orders will  initially be restricted to those who need boosters 

            I apologise that my waiting list is closed to new enquirers until I can assess the availability of future vaccine supplies.

            February 2016 Bexsero Meningitis B Vaccine supplies

            There is a national shortage of this vaccine and GSK will not supply vaccine to start new courses. They will not supply the  third,final booster for under twos until the summer.

           April 2014 New  Vaccines

            Bexsero (meningitis B-under 5s) Varivax (Chickenpox-over 9 months old) and Zostavax (Shingles-age 50+) are all now available.

            Bexsero & Varivax require two vaccinations.  For Bexsero only, under two year olds require a further booster after a year.

            Zostavax is licensed to prevent shingles in patients age 50+

            For further information please phone or see the following links:




            (NHS: Bexsero is available for babies  born after April 2015 and Zostavax is only available for 70 and 79 year olds.)

May 2012 New Driveway Parking Space at Warrenden

Commuter parking on Weydown road now regularly stretches above the surgery. To make life easier there are now three new spaces on the drive and turning round is much easier. (Thank you to Valley Landscapes)

Please feel able to bring your car down the drive.

Oct 2010 Homecall is now open on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. 

Registered patients may also be seen on other days.

However whenever possible I will listen to the answer-phone and respond to registered patients' emails promptly .

When Homecall is closed for longer periods I state this on the answer-machine and email is then the best way to contact me.