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A service tailored to your needs

Homecall Doctor is happy to visit you in your home in Haslemere for any condition whether it is urgent or not. It may be more appropriate, or you may prefer, to be seen at my consulting room. Warrenden is less than 5 minutes from the station. Early morning consultations may be particularly convenient for commuters.

Evening and Saturday morning appointments are sometimes available.

Please follow the Contact link to the practice boundary map and fees page.

You can be referred for investigations or to a Consultant at any private hospital of your choice. Private doctors cannot refer to NHS hospitals except in emergency Homecall Doctor is intended to complement rather than replace the NHS and it is important that you remain registered with your existing doctor.

Consultations are completely confidential, but with your permission I will communicate with your NHS GP when necessary.

Making an appointment

Please phone Haslemere 654786 between 8am and 6pm. I will answer your call personally if possible. However at times I may be visiting a patient and an answerphone will operate. Please leave your contact details and I will return your call promptly to arrange a convenient appointment. Alternatively please email me at drlee @ homecalldoctor.com


Access to the surgery is possible by wheelchair and the consulting room is ground floor. However the lavatory is accessed down three steps with a handrail. I will willingly visit you at home if this presents a problem.


If you require a chaperone please indicate this when making an appointment.

Healthcare options provided by Homecall Doctor

Health Checks

Many people would benefit from an annual health check. Individuals in Britain, particularly busy ones, lag some way behind other Europeans and Americans in the attention they pay to ongoing health screening. Homecall can offer you, or perhaps your partner or relative an affordable tailored health check at a convenient time in your own home.

For more details follow the menu link for Health Checks

Vaccinations for influenza, HPV, Chickenpox and travel

Annual 'flu vaccinations are especially recommended for people over 50 years old, those with long term health problems such as chest disease and diabetes, people taking steroids or with weakened immune systems and those who care for, or live with, them.

The vaccination is also available for anyone else wishing to reduce the likelihood of an unpleasant episode of influenza.

Advice, vaccinations and malaria tablets are available for business and holiday travellers.
I can offer vaccinations not available on the NHS such as Gardasil (teenage girls can now obtain on NHS), Chicken pox etc

For more details follow the menu link for Vaccinations

Well woman and well man consultations

A longer consultation provides for a more relaxed atmosphere to discuss concerns about contraception, the menopause and HRT or other well-woman issues. Pre-conception counselling is advised to maximise the chance of a healthy pregnancy and successful outcome. Regular cervical smears and sexual health checks can provide added reassurance.

Many people working long hours have little time to seek health advice. This should concern them but often more concern is felt by their partners. British men in particular are unusual in not having regular annual checks and for the infrequency with which they consult doctors. Yet many conditions benefit from being detected earlier when lifestyle changes or early treatment can significantly affect the long term outcome. Evening consultations  can do much to provide reassurance either from a general health check or when dealing with specific issues.

For more details follow the menu link for Health Checks