Ideas for Homebuilders


Google Gadgets

Google Gadgets are mini-applications that live in a personalized environment. Historically, Gadgets have lived on your desktop or a homepage like iGoogle, but Google is now making these an option for our targeted ad network so you can reach your customers where they live on the internet.

You can create and use Google Gadgets to:
  • Create another channel to engage current and new customers

  • Drive sales of your product online and offline

  • Reach a broader audience

  • Allow for an ongoing brand presence

  • Customize user experience with your brand by encouraging interaction

Why leave your homepage to search Amazon's website, when you can browse your own Mini Amazon gadget

The Travelocity Flight Search gadget below is an example of a direct response/lead generation gadget. Homebuilders could use a similar set up for potential homeowners to engage in a customized search for the type of home they are seeking.

ABC Homes gadget with home tour videos to scroll through, news, home finder and a mortgage calculator.

See how this gadget would appear in the Google advertising network.

Here is another example for ABC Homes. This gadget takes the viewer through a slide show of ABC’s suite of new home designs.

A Google Gadget using Google Base and Google Maps to show the location and listing for apartments, condos and houses in San Francisco.

Here's an example of a leaderboard gadget ad where users can add directly to iGoogle

Engage Consumers with Mashups

A mashup is a website or application that combines content from more than one source into an integrated experience. Nearly 63% of homebuyers use the Internet as their first source for researching characteristics of communities.1 Help them see all their relevant info in one place with mashups. Homebuilders can use Google Maps of their communities plus other data such as home valuations, transit maps, schools, or running trails. This customized mashup lets potential homebuyers visually understand the area their new home will be located in.

Examples of Mashups: ( )

1 Source: US Real Estate Survey. Existing Home Purchasers. June 2007. Media-Screen.


Utilize the world’s largest online video community to build engagement and community around your brand. YouTube brand channels allow marketers to customize the look and feel of their presence on the site. Utilize content you already have and encourage homeowners to create some of their own.

Benefits of Brand Channels:

• Connect and create ongoing relationships with your consumers and brand audience
• Extend brand imagery and brand ethos into a leading participatory environment
• Build a community around your brand using features that drive adoption
• Provide value to consumers and your audience through compelling content

Here’s a Brand Channel example for ABC Homes’ communities in Denver. Users can visit this channel to view home tours, customer testimonials and content related to the communities. Keep content fresh and users engaged by encouraging homeowners to upload content about their ABC Home - ways they designed their home, what they love about their community, or tips for new homeowners.