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Make Sake

My interest in making this stems from the technical nature needed to make sake, the passion for crafting, and the enjoyment of new flavors.

Sake is much like wine and Belgian beer in aroma and complexity.  I want to know all that goes into sake, from the ingredients to the process and finally the artisan expertise.   By no means am I an expert and its exceedingly difficult to get accurate usable information on this rice beverage.   Most information for me is an outline on how its done, combining my beer and mead making experience to create something that may resemble sake.  Can sake be made by such a novice, which clearly been made by masters for hundreds of years?  Here I am, a foreigner trying to make something hardly even in my own culture and have expectations of at least attempting to get a good quality outcome.   I would seem to be somewhat arrogant in my dreams.

If I may be forgiven for being a little brutal in my observations, the mystique around sake is overtly pronounced.  Making something that is supposed to be sake is pretty easy.  Actually making something that is an enjoyment to drink is another.  If there is ever a spirit to this process, I craft this beverage based on this:

Sake is a vessel in which I can take all that I learn and by guiding my hands from my heart make something that takes time, effort, discomfort, imagination, love, and patience.   If I am diligent in my search for knowledge, observe all my actions and temper my impatience, my reward is tasting my creation and reflecting on my work and being able to share my efforts.

Guess that sounds a little overtly mystique...  

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